DAVOS Diagnostics


Davos Diagnostics is a new biotech company based out of Davos, Switzerland that developed the innovative EVA-System.

The EVA-System is a unique, rapid system for quantitative tests – it identifies multiple parameters in parallel with just a few drops of serum or plasma. Place the sample in a disposable EVA-Chip and measure it in the small EVA-Reader instrument

These easy-to-use test kits (instrument, consumables, reagents) by Davos Diagnostics exploit the unique advantages of the proprietary EVA-Biosensor technology and enable rapid, sensitive diagnostic tests. The small, advanced, optical EVA-Reader instrument can be placed directly in every lab for decentralized, quantitative biochemical testing.

This allows for an optimal, cost-effective workflow for research, quality control, and analytical laboratories and – most important – with just a few manipulation steps. Results are available within 10 minutes.


Evanescent Field & Fluorescence

The EVA-Technology is an optical evanescent field-based biosensor technology enabling rapid, quantitative detection of multiple specific biomarkers simultaneously. It combines evanescent field excitation with fluorescence detection and exploits their respective unique advantages in a novel optical readout scheme for highly sensitive and selective detection.

Davos principle

Evanescence – How it works

The evanescence technology is a fluorescence-based biosensor technology exploiting the optical phenomenon of total internal reflection (TIR) to create an evanescent field which is used to selectively excite bound fluorophors localized within the penetration depth at the bottom of each well of the sensor chip. It allows kinetic monitoring of the binding of fluorescent molecules to the surface in real-time.
EVA measurement

Fluorescent molecules present in the sample liquid do not receive light and hence do not emit fluorescence. As a result, the binding can be detected directly without the need to remove the sample liquid (i.e. no washing steps).

EVA advantages