USP-Ph.Eur. Tris-NaCl-EDTA Buffer pH 8.4

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1 Pouch for 500 ml Buffer

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Package Pouch
Reconstitution dissolve pouch in water and make up to 500 ml
Concentration 0.050 M Tris buffer pH 8.4 at 25°C
0.175 M NaCl
0.0075 M EDTA
  • Intended for the determination of anti-FIIa and anti-FXa activities  LMWH in compliance with European and US Pharmacopoeias.
  • Select your individual components or complete starter sets from bio-reagents and buffers.
  • Ask for our standardised procedures with step-by-step instruction manual for first-time success.
  • Application protocols for automated coagulation analysers available on request


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