5-TEST USP-LMWH Anti-IIa Starter Set
Ref. No. 5D-90455

5-BUFFER USP Tris-NaCl-PEG-6000 Buffer salts pH 7.4 Ref. 5D-80432 1 pouch
5-BUFFER USP Tris-NaCl Buffer salts pH 7.4 Ref. 5D-80430 1 pouch
5-BUFFER USP/Ph.Eur. Tris-NaCl-EDTA Buffer salts pH 8.4 Ref. 5D-80431 1 pouch
5-ENZYME Thrombin (Human) Ref. 5D-60230 2 vials
5-PROTEIN Antithrombin (Human) Ref. 5D-60104 1 vial
5-CHROM-38 Thrombin Chromogenic Substrate Ref. 5D-30805 1 vial

Size SET
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Measurement of the specific anti-FIIa activity of heparin and heparin-like anticoagulants in purified milieu using a two-stage assay. This procedure is in compliance with the quality control of Heparin preparations listed in US Pharmacopoeia. USP Anti-Factor Xa and Anti-Factor IIa Assays for Unfractionated and Low Molecular Weight Heparins, USP40 (208).

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