Human Factor VIII Inhibitor Plasma, Severe, Lyophilized
Ref. No. 5D-49119L

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Human Factor VIII Inhibitor, lyophilized. Strong inhibitor potency (>50-200 BU/mL). Plasma Factor Inhibitor Plasmas are produced from normal human plasmas from which specific factors have been removed by selective affinity immuno-adsorption and an antibody inhibitory to the specific factor is added to provide neutralizing activity.

Size: 1mL
Storage Requirements: Store at 2-8°C
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These products can be used as a substitute for plasmas from patients that have developed neutralizing antibodies to coagulation factors and can be used as positive controls in factor inhibitor assays. The inhibitor potency is measured by standard Bethesda activity assay.

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Storage Requirements

Store at 2-8°C

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