TDX Kit for 10 measurements
Ref. No. HE-TDX-10

Cuvettes and reagents for Fibrin Generation on the Thrombodynamics analyser.

Ready to use testkit of 10 cartridges for the simultaneous measurement of fibrin formation in plasma on the Thrombodynamcis T2-F Analyser. The analyser visualizes and detects the in vitro fibrin formation. This global coagulation assay includes the spatial propagation of the thrombus formation in the blood vessel. Therefore the TDX Kit for 10 measurements is used for the monitoring of risk patients post surgery, efficacy of NOACs/DOACs, risk pregnancies, hypercoagulable conditions. CE mark in work. The testkit is also used for the quality control of hemocompatibility of implants or biomaterial in compliance with ISO 10993-4.

Size 5 x 2 tests
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TDX Kit for 10 measurements:

For the measurement of spatiotemporal dynamics of fibrin clot formation and lysis in blood plasma samples. The TDX Kit is intended for use with Thrombodynamics Analyser Systems T2-F

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5 x 2 tests

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