5-BUFFER USP/Ph.Eur. Tris-NaCl-EDTA Buffer salts pH 8.4
Ref. No. 5D-80431

The contents of 1 pouch dissolved in 500 mL of deionized water yields:
0.050 M Tris Buffer pH 8.4 at 25°C
0.175 M NaCI
0.0075 M EDTA

Size 500 mL
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5-BUFFER USP/Ph.Eur. Tris-NaCI-EDTA Buffer salts, pH 8.4 for the quality control of anti-FXa and anti-FIIa activity of LMWH in compliance with European Pharmacopoeia or with US Pharmacopoeia.

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500 mL

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